DVGC Legacy Fund

"Supporting Our Legacy in Scouting"


OUR PAST: An Evolving Purpose

Since the early winter of 1999, the Western Region (and now Gateway Region) of the Order of the Arrow has played host to the Double Vigil Golf Classic. Although not an officially sanctioned event of the Boy Scouts of America, this annual tournament has grown from a small group gathering in southern California to a highly anticipated fundraising and fellowship event.

In the early years of this tournament, the singular intent was a focus on fellowship and fun. Recently however, tournament organizers have begun to evolve the purpose as the number of participant and donation totals have steadily increased. In the history of the DVGC over $90,000 has been raised and contributed to the Maury Clancy American Indian Campership Fund.

After 10 years of support to the Maury Clancy American Indian Campership Fund, discussions began in late 2011 to further develop the funding goals of the DVGC. The committee members and other interested persons soon recognized the broad based value in creating a lasting legacy fund which would provide financial support to a variety of related programs within Boy Scouting; with a specific emphasis on those that perpetuate the history and mission of the Order of the Arrow in scouting.

In early 2012, the tournament committee recommended the creation of a single managed fund providing a means of funding projects with the mission of "Supporting Our Legacy in Scouting."

OUR PRESENT: The Tournament

The tournament format still provides one of the best environments for engaged fellowship within the Western Region (and now Gateway Region). Positive feedback from many past participants has prompted the DVGC committee to work towards growing the event and engaging a wider variety of participants. The relaxed "unofficial" atmosphere fostered by the DVGC provides a backdrop for natural synergy created by bringing together like minded lodge and section leaders. The golf tournament serves as a vehicle for productive conversations and idea sharing.

In 2011, one foursome in particular comprised of a lodge adviser and three of his associate advisers spent the day discussing lodge business and developed positive personal working relationships through fellowship. Time, they all agreed, that was well spent. Lodge and section leaders rarely have the opportunity to spend any time together in which they are not also tasked with overseeing the work of their youth leaders.

Prior to the 2013 event, the Tournament Champions were recorded on a travelling plaque. However with the unexpected passing of Paul E. Wadford, Jr. on October 15th, 2011, event organizers chose to create the Wadford Cup - a trophy dedicated to the enduring legacy of "Gene" Wadford.