Tournament Champions

2018 Champs
2018: "Arizona Dream Team" (from left): Bailey Ganset, Christina Hartley, Tatum Mahon

2017 Champs
2017: "3 Men and a Lady" (from left): Tony Gonzalez, Derek Hartley, Christina Hartley, Jerry Sheid
Arizona Grand Resort

2016 Champs
2016: "Team NOAC Logistics" (from left): Elam Patterson, Steve Willis, Richard Fore
Arizona Grand Resort

2015 Champions - Team Smart & Final
2015: "Team Smart & Final" (from left): Dave Bellerson, Gary Christiansen, John Bonicatto
Arizona Grand Resort

2014 Tournament Champions
2014: "Team One" (from left): Toby Capps, Kevin Moshier, Matthew Laudone, Steve Bradley
Arizona Grand Resort 

2013: "Penultimate"
 (from left): Shane O'Grady, Karen Pesce, Dominic Pascucci, Rob Wong
Ahwatukee Country Club

2012 Tournament Champions
2012: "Shoshone" (from left): Kasey Green, Bob Booker, Larry Abbott, Frank Yoke
Falcon Dunes Golf Club

2011: "Team One" (from left): Toby Capps, Gene Wadford, Kevin Moshier, Steve Bradley
Falcon Dunes Golf Club

2010: Dustin Thomas, Calvin Fulks, Bill Waite, Alyx Parker
2009: Kevin Moshier, Gene Wadford, Steve Bradley, Michael Marchese
2008: Kevin Moshier, Gene Wadford, Steve Bradley, Larry Abbott
2007: Brian Redmon, Mike Minnis, Robert Matasic, David Heximer
2006: Brian Redmon, Mike Minnis, Robert Matasic, David Heximer
2005: Brian Redmon, Mike Minnis, Jim Simpson (played as a threesome)
2004: Kevin Moshier, Steve Bradley, Gene Wadford, Keith Ersfeld
2003: (none; tournament moved from December 2003 to February 2004)
2002: Mike Hoffman, Ed Church, Lisa Spredemann, Jeff Vaglio
2001: Scott Hunter and Steven Hillman
2000: Scott Beckett and Gene Wadford